Our Services

Doorside Collection

Impact Trash Solutions stands out as a leading national service provider for door-side trash and recycling removal within the Multifamily Industry, consistently earning recognition for delivering top-tier services in the field.

Our service-oriented approach is tailored to meet the needs of A, B, and C class properties, as well as student, senior, and newly constructed communities, positioning it as a standard amenity. We offer flexible collection service schedules ranging from 4 to 7 nights per week, customized to align with the unique requirements of your community.

The utilization of our distinctive lidded standardized 50qt. collection containers address potential issues associated with other containers. Impact Trash Solutions’ containers are meticulously designed for our services, featuring:

We create a controlled environment for your waste stream. Our services not only reduce operational costs but also increase profit margins, boost resident retention and renewal rates, enhance competitive advantage, and elevate the curb appeal compared to non-serviced communities, thereby augmenting traditional leasing income.

When it comes to managing the most sensitive community amenity that involves nearly 100% Resident-Vendor contact, experience is paramount. Impact Trash, with its extensive industry tenure, has developed a multi-tiered management structure within its business model to ensure a smooth and seamless process every day. Entrust your most critical amenity to the hands of experienced professionals.


Recycling Collection

Impact Trash’s EcoEase Recycling initiative simplifies the journey toward a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. EcoEase Recycling introduces a single-stream recycling program that streamlines resident participation in the green movement with unparalleled ease. Our clients attest to the transformative impact of this recycling program, estimating a reduction of approximately $1.22 per unit per month in a community’s overall waste expenses, all while ensuring compliance with city mandates.

With Impact Trash’s program, residents can effortlessly contribute to recycling efforts by bagging and tying their mixed recyclables in a transparent or semi-transparent clear, blue, green, or retail shopping bag. They can utilize the same provided collection container designated for trash. The recycling materials are then collected alongside the bagged trash, following the straightforward procedures of our Door Side Collection service.

Maintenance Essentials

MAINTENANCE ESSENTIALS by Impact Trash provides nationwide support, enabling clients to reclaim valuable hours for their maintenance staff to focus on punch lists, preventive work, and unit turnovers.

Clients have reported significant payroll savings, with estimated annual savings of up to $40 per unit, leveraging some of our popular services.

Our Most Sought-After Services:

Impact Trash is committed to providing essential services that not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to substantial cost savings for our clients.


Senior Communities

Addressing the unique challenges of servicing senior communities, Impact Trash has carefully crafted our Senior Assistance Program.

Our pick-up schedules are customized to meet the specific needs of each community, ensuring a seamless waste management experience for seniors. We have developed specially designed collection containers and created unique instruction guides, eliminating any challenges associated with managing the waste stream in senior communities. With Impact Trash, we prioritize making waste management effortless for seniors in every aspect of our service.

Pet Waste Management

As pet-friendly communities gain popularity, there’s a noticeable influence on the waste stream. Impact Trash excels in addressing these challenges in a hygienic manner, relieving your staff from handling this responsibility independently.

Our seasoned specialists are available to guide you in selecting the most suitable pet waste station from our diverse options. They can also assist your maintenance staff in strategically placing these stations for maximum effectiveness, contributing to heightened resident satisfaction. With Impact Trash, managing pet waste in your community becomes a streamlined and professional process.


Collect Connect

Our exclusive web-based application, CollectConnect by Impact Trash, ensures that our collectors remain informed about route specifics, encourages resident compliance, and facilitates consistent management of requested tasks while serving as a tool for company accountability.

All on-site activities are closely monitored to guarantee that your residents and staff receive unwavering, top-notch service. Using the application, additional services can be requested and confirmed, virtually eradicating delays and miscommunication.

Impact Trash’s software application enables direct communication between clients, residents, and our team. Whether it’s doorstep collection, bulk needs, pet waste removal, pet park cleaning, or any other services we provide, CollectConnect serves as a virtual one-stop-shop for requests, monitoring, verification, or reporting on requested services. Moreover, our collectors or community maintenance staff can submit a time/date stamped photo, identifying any infractions of community standards.

This application provides effortless access, fostering consistent and more efficient communication between Impact Trash and our clients, ensuring they stay well-informed about their community’s total waste stream.